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if 引导的条件状语从句 含有 if 引导的条件状语从句的复合句表示假如有从句动作的发生,就会有主 句动作的发生。 ★ 通常情况下,如果主句用一般将来时,if 引导的条件状语从句用一般现在时。 如: If he misses the last bus, he'll have to walk home. We'll have a party in the garden if the weather is good. ★ 如果主句是祈使句或者主句的谓语部分含有情态动词,if 引导的条件状语从 句也常用一般现在时。如: If anyone calls, tell them I'm very busy. If it rains, you can stay at home and relax. 【链接】 本单元我们还学了连词 unless,可意为“除非;如果不”,通常可以和 if ... not 互换使用。如: He won't go to sleep unless you tell him a story. =He won't go to sleep if you don't tell him a story. 【运用】 Ⅰ. 单项选择 if 和 unless 引导的条件状语从句 1. We’ll stay at home _______ it rains tomorrow. A. and B. if C. but D. so (2019 天津) 2. _______ you look after it carefully, this coat will keep you warm through many winters. A. If B. Unless C. Before D. So (2019 甘肃白银) 3. —What _______ if they _______ to the meeting late? 第1页 —Sorry, I don’t know. A. will happen; go B. happened; go C. happens; will go D. will happen; will go (2019 湖北随州) 4. Mom won’t let Dick go out _______ he promises to be back by 10:00 tonight. A. if B. when C. since D. unless (2019 河北) 5. If it _______ sunny tomorrow, I will go shopping with my friend in the supermarket. A. will be B. be C. is D. was (2019 青海西宁) Ⅱ. 同义句转化 He won’t go to sleep unless you tell him a story. __________________________________________ Ⅲ. 汉译英 1. 如果她买上票,我就给你打电话。 ___________________________________________ 2. 如果下雪,你可以呆在家。 ___________________________________________ 3. 如果有人打电话,告诉他们我很忙。 ___________________________________________ 答案 Ⅰ. 1-5 BAADC Ⅱ. He won’t go to sleep if you don’t tell him a story. / If you don’t tell him a story, he won’t go to sleep. Ⅲ. 1. If she buys tickets, I will call you. / I will call you if she buys tickets. 2. If it snows, you can stay at home. / You can stay at home if it snows. 3. If anyone calls, tell them I’m busy. / Tell them I’m busy if anyone calls. 第2页 第3页